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$649 - RITM SCENAR Sport

$4,499 - RITM SCENAR Super Pro

$3,950 - SCENAR + Cosmodic VX735Ag

$3,200 - SCENAR + Cosmodic VX735L


SCENAR Training For Acute And Chronic Pain

May 24 - 26, 2019

Location: Center for New Medicine, 6 Hughes, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618

Reservations: 1-817-228-2636



To purchase devices please contact us at the following:

tel: 1-928-614-2278



Natural Healing

SCENAR + Cosmodic




The "ideal doctor and always at hand". Unleash your body's natural healing pharmacy.

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$7,120 / $7,920 with license - Slider x3   

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$6,880 / $7,680 with license - Slider x2   

"This unique device causes the body's self-healing to be effected by the release of neuro and other peptides, commonly known as the body's in-built pharmacy."

"Simply explained, the device's sophisticated circuitry listens to the patient''s body and then determines the most appropriate signals and dosages, using body's very own in-built pharmacy, that, in any given instance, needs to be provided to stimulate self-healing."

"There were very few illnesses this device could not treat and often cure," according to Russian head scientist Professor Revenko.

$699 - RITM SCENAR Soprt D

$2,949 RITM SCENAR Pro +

$3,200 - Cosmodic EX715Ag

$2,100 - Cosmodic PS705Ag

$1,400 - Cosmodic PS705

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