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L E T Medical P S 705 Ag Cosmodic
LET Medical PS705Ag Cosmodic

PS705 and PS705Ag cosmodic

New semi-professional PS705 replaced its well-known as most reliable predecessor with the new COSMODIC technology. Now it is presented with two models: PS705 and PS705Ag.

The new model has all capabilities of pro devices. Full range of automated features switch-on, regulation of energy and depth of action always ensure that your treatment will be effective.

Accurate indication of search of the optimal areas for treatment.

When you work with vaginal and rectal electrodes the device automatically switches to the special tender impulse and switches itself off after the minimum required time of action is over. This makes such delicate process simple and convenient in home environment.

Flat and thin casing of the device is convenient to lie on when you need prolonged action on the same area.

* * *

PS705 can be a wonderful assistant to the professional device.

With PS705Ag you can experience all the benefits of silver electrodes.

The 705 series is the best choice for those who wish a robust device which would be simple to operate (tourism, extreme sports, first-aid kit in a car, patients to keep up between professional sessions, etc.).

High quality and simple use are main highlights of this model. Now you have professional performance at a reasonable price. Isn't it a golden mean we are all looking for?


PS705Ag and PS705 are semi-professional models employing COSMODIC technology. They are intended for both use at home and professional practice. Fully automated action and operation. Very power-saving.

Main features
* touch switch-on
* regulating action energy automatically
* dynamic adaptation mode allowing you to manage stimulation during * * prolonged action automatically
* determining areas for action
* LED and sound indication;
* switching sound off and on
* detachable silver electrodes (only PS705Ag);
* connecting remote electrodes;
* automatic tuning in to remote electrodes;
* automatic switch-over to action on mucous membranes using rectal and vaginal remote electrodes (only PS705Ag).
* Indication

LED indication displays:
* contact of the electrodes with skin
* preliminary analysis of the treated area
* levels of action energy
* body reaction
* end of the action dose
* activation of dynamic adaptation
* timer for action upon mucous membranes (only PS705Ag)
* battery status


The silver electrodes of PS705Ag are detachable and made in a form of three bars, which are flat on the under side and rounded at the front end of the device. The rounded part is convenient for treatment of small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face). The flat part is mainly used for treatment of large areas. The electrodes are made of silver according to the special technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate signal of action.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

Electrodes of model PS705 are placed on the front-end and lower part of the casing. The shape of the electrode allows placing the device in various planes which makes treatment of hard-to-reach areas easy.

The front-end part of the electrode is very convenient for treatment of small areas on the face and other awkward places. The flat part of the electrode on the lower side of the casing is convenient for treatment of large areas. The patient can lie on the electrode during prolonged action.

PS705Ag are encased in Pocket M series casing. Waterproof keyboard and sealants make disinfection and cleaning of the device easy. The casing is made of shockproof (3 mm thick) ABS plastic.

PS705Ag 115 x 58 x 23 mm (4.52 x 2.28 x .90')

Power supply
Two galvanic cells or rechargeable batteries, size, AAA 1.5V.

1 year warranty

Purchasing this device acknowledges you have permission from a licensed health care professional allowing you to use such a device for its intended purpose.
Price: $2,184.00
In Stock Quantity:

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