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Ritm Scenar Chans - 01

The RITM CHANS-01 SCENAR is one of the newest models in the personal SCENAR devices family. It is identical in functions to the RITM SCENAR Sport model but is equipped with an LCD screen. The small screen displays energy strength, current settings, and skin contact indication which makes it very easy to use and operate.

The CHANS-01-SCENAR-M supports four impulse Frequencies 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 340Hz, suitable for treating degenerative processes (low frequencies) or inflammatory processes in the acute state (high frequencies). This allows the user to select the most appropriate treatment setting for the phase of the painful condition.

The Amplitude Modulation feature in RITM SCENAR CHANS-01-SCENAR is set to 3:1 and is very effective in the treatment of pain in muscles and ligaments.

The RITM SCENAR also supports Frequency Modulation in the range of 30Hz to 120Hz. This setting is commonly used to create a change in the painful condition.
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