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L E T Medical - P S 705 Cosmodic
LET Medical - PS705 Cosmodic

PS705 Cosmodic

PS705 can be a wonderful assistant to the professional device.

The 705 very simple to operate. High quality and simple use are main highlights of this model.


PS705 is semi-professional models employing COSMODIC technology. It's intended for both use at home and professional practice.

Fully automated action and operation. Very power-saving.

Main features
* touch switch-on
* regulating action energy automatically
* dynamic adaptation mode allowing you to manage stimulation during * * prolonged action automatically
* determining areas for action
* LED and sound indication;
* switching sound off and on
* connecting remote electrodes;
* automatic tuning in to remote electrodes;
* Indication

LED indication displays
* contact of the electrodes with skin
* preliminary analysis of the treated area
* levels of action energy
* body reaction
* end of the action dose
* activation of dynamic adaptation
* battery status

COSMODIC technology facilitates the ability of our body to restore itself at the cell level too. The body restores its functioning using both its general reserves (like in SCENAR) and own potential of its cells, which provides rejuvenation of the cells restoration of their normal functioning. While facilitating the ability of our body to self-restore the healthy state at the cell level, theoretically COSMODIC cannot influence the biological age of a cell, but it can help the body to use the intrinsic, laid by Nature, abilities to heal itself.

Our body's ability to restore itself at the cellular level is facilitated by COSMODIC technology. This restoration of bodily function uses its general reserves and our own potential to rejuvenate the cells, thus returning them to their normal function. Although this process of self-restoration at the cellular level can return the body to a healthy state it cannot influence the biological age of a cell. It does, however, help the body to return to good health.

Electrodes of model PS705 are made of special steel which has a pyramidal structure. An important peculiarity of such kind of steel is that chrome does not penetrate into skin due to electrolysis process occurring during action.

PS705 110 x 58 x 22 mm - (4.33 x 2.28 x .87")

Power supply
Two galvanic cells or rechargeable batteries, size AAA, 1.5V

1 year warranty
Price: $1,600.00
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