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Ritm Scenar Sport D

The RITM SCENAR Sport D is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device FDA-cleared for acute, chronic, and post-operative pain.

The RITM SCENAR Sport D is a simplified and easy-to-use version of the RITM SCENAR Professional model available for personal use. This model is designed for personal use or for support during professional RITM SCENAR treatment.

The RITM SCENAR Sport D is the latest personal device available. Comes with an LCD display showing current device settings, impulse level, and skin contact indicator.

The RITM SCENAR Sport D supports four frequencies - 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 340Hz and is suitable for treating both acute and chronic pain.

The RITM SCENAR Sport D can be used as an independent remedy as well as in combination with other treatment modes.

If you are an existing health professional consider the RITM SCENAR Pro and RITM SCENAR Pro + and bioSCENAR Professional.

What You Get:

* RITM SCENAR Sport D device + battery.
* Comprehensive User Handbook.
* RITM SCENAR Institute training video DVD.
* Free access to RITM SCENAR user's worldwide discussion forum.
* Lifetime user support.

RITM SCENAR Sport D Technical Features:

* Impulse frequencies 14, 60, 90, 340 Hz
* Amplitude modulation 3 : 1
* Frequency modulation 30 -120 Hz, cycle 7 sec
* Dose: indicated by sound and screen
* Indicator: LCD screen
* Power supply one 9V alkaline battery
* Weight 0.2kg
* Dimensions 130 x 50 x 25mm

2 year warranty
Price: $1,175.00
In Stock Quantity:

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