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L E T Medical Cosmodic - E N S
LET Medical Cosmodic - ENS

Technology has never looked so well

With its style and performance, the ENS is certainly standing out among home-use medical devices. LET Medical unites technical and design excellence within this small but powerful model.


ENS therapy is the latest in the evolution of SCENAR technology. It is a logical progression of COSMODIC therapy in the more advanced application. ENS is not a stand-alone technology. It simply allows SCENAR and COSMODIC to work more efficiently together. ENS = profound SCENAR stimulus + discreet stimuli of COSMODIC + informational stimuli. ENS is like the Russian matryoshka doll and analyzes the information it collects from the body in layers. It then creates and sends a response code synthesized by the body through the two-way feedback. The body processes the information provided by that code which resonates on the cellular level and evokes the body's own resources in order to correct itself. The goal of ENS is to help the body reflect on itself and go to the beginning to restore its original Matrix, its innate programming, before the creation of the dis-ease.
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